Dana Irvine - D'Vine Wellness and Wise Divine Women Online Programs

Become a Wise Divine Women, through a better understanding of hormone health by reducing stress and inflammation and educating yourself to the true unique woman you are.

SEQEX Ion Cyclotron Resonance PEMF

SEQEX Ion Cyclotron Resonance Pulsed Electromagnetic THERAPY Pad
38 minutes
• $60 per session
packages of 5 for $200
10 for $500 with a bonus session.

Relieves Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Osteoporosis. Improves Bones Density, Disc issues, Energy, Cell Regeneration, Detoxifying, Mood, feeling of overall well-being, and more.

Duration: 1 hour

Eco Detox Foot Spa

Ionic supplement = Amazing beneficial effects!
The FLEX-ION device made by EcoDetox is extremely easy to use, very powerful, and safe. The device offers an effective, gentle, and non-medical technology which produces beneficial physiological effects. We have received many client testimonials and performed trials and analyses which clearly demonstrate why the detoxifying ionic bath (energizing electrolytic bath) constantly gains in popularity and quickly earns the trust of those who try it, even the most skeptical.

Duration: 30 minutes

Soul Session

This Soul Session is a discovery time where I learn how to help you.
NO FEE NO commitment 30 min

Duration: 30 minutes

Health Transformation

This is the initial consultation with me to discuss your challenges and goals concerning your health, This will create a unique signature program to meet your needs.

Where we learn to embrace all of who we are as eaters, mind, body, and soul.
Includes consult, assessment, and nutrition protocol as required

Duration: 1 hour

Price: CAD 60.00

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